Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where can I buy my Scout's uniform, hat, insignia, and accessories?
    • What is the correct placement of the insignia badges on my Scout's uniform?
      1. Click here and scroll down to the second page to see a diagram of where each insignia badge should be placed.
    • What is the "Class A" uniform?
      • The "Class A" uniform consists of the official Cub Scout shirt with insignia in place, a cap that shows your rank in Cub Scouting, a neckerchief that matches the color of your cap, and a blue belt for holding belt loops.
        • The Class A uniform is worn at Pack and Den meetings, and any other formal occasions where the scouts will be performing Cub Scout service projects or representing the Cub Scouts at group outings and Go See It activities.
    • What is the "Class B" uniform?
      • The Class B uniform is composed of a t-shirt or sweat shirt with the Pack 1169 logo on it, and the Scout's choice of shorts or pants.
        • The Class B uniform is worn when the occasion is not formal, the Scouts are not interfacing with the general public representing Scouting, and when the Scouts are expected to engage in activities for which the full uniform would be inappropriate. For instance, Class B uniforms would be appropriate for a scout hike, camping trip, or athletic event.
          • The Class B shirt can be ordered through your Den Leader.
    • When and where do you meet?
      • Pack meetings are held monthly - usually at 7:00pm on the third Friday of each month. With the exception of special occasions, Pack meting are normally held in the Armstrong Elementary School cafeteria. Check this website for upcoming meetings and times.
      • Dens typically meet twice a month on a schedule agreed upon by the members of the Den. Adults will receive regular communications from their Den Leader concerning schedules for your Den.
    • How are Dens assigned?
      • New Scout Den assignments are determined by the leaders and parents. 1st Graders are assigned to a Tiger Den, 2nd Graders are assigned to a Wolf Den, 3rd Graders are assigned to a Bear Den, 4th Graders are assigned to a Webelos I Den, and 5th Graders are assigned to a Webelos II Den. All of the placements for Tigers occur within the first week of school. Other ranks may be assigned earlier.
    • How do I join?
    • What are the Annual Dues?
      • Annual dues are $85 for each Scout. Payment is due at the beginning of the school year. Checks are to be made payable to Pack 1169. For those in need of financial assistance, "Scouterships" are available; please contact the Pack Treasurer if you have questions.
        • Dues cover District/Council chartering fees and insurance, the Blue and Gold Banquet, and the annual Pack family campouts. Also, your Scout will receive a subscription to "Boy's Life" magazine, a handbook for his Cub Scout rank, a Class B T-shirt, a neckerchief for his rank, and Pinewood Derby and Raingutter Regatta kits.
    • How is the Scouting program financed?
      • Our Scouting program is financed through annual dues and fundraising. Fundraising activities comprise over 50% of our budget to make patches, awards, campouts, banquets, and other special events occur. Our BSA endorsed fundraising activity is the annual popcorn drive. Certain activities such as Goshen or Day Camp have additional costs to parents.
    • How do I receive Pack 1169 emails?
      • To get on the group email list, you will need a Google account. Go to Google's website and select "Google Accounts" and click on "Create an Account For Free" and follow the instructions.
      • Otherwise, you can email the cubmaster(s) and ask to be directly added to the email distribution list.
    • Where do I take the BSA Youth Protection Training?