Pack 1169 Volunteer Opportunities

Cub Scouting is a family activity. We welcome your family to our pack meetings and other pack activities. To be successful we need each family to help by volunteering for at least one pack activity during the year. We would like to use your talents and interests to develop the best possible program for your sons. Please sign up for 1 or more of the activities below. Thank you. Just email your Den Leader or Cubmaster(s) with your choices and any questions you may have. Many of the available positions only require a few hours commitment. We truly need your time and talent to make scouting a joyful experience for everyone.


Web Administrator

  • Manages website and Pack email accounts
  • Creates newsletters and flyers

Popcorn Kernel

  • August - November
  • Consolidate Pack orders, distribute and arrange Den times to sell at "table sales"

Picnic Meal helpers:

  • For the fall campout in September
  • Prepare and serve picnic meals at Lake Fairfax

Scouting for Food Coordinator

  • November
  • Arrange for maps and locations
  • Pick up and distribute bags to Dens
  • Arrange for collection and weighing of food and delivery

Toys for Tots Coordinator

  • December Pack meeting
  • Coordinates the annual Pack toy collection and donation

Bake-Off Coordinator

  • December Pack meeting
  • Arrange and oversee event including decorations, judging, and food set up and teardown

PWD Shop Day Helpers

  • Early January
  • Assist cubmaster and cubscouts in all aspects of car construction

Pinewood Derby Chair

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Assist cubmaster to oversee all aspects of event

Pinewood Derby Assistant Chair

  • January Pack Meeting
  • assist chair with event

Pinewood Derby Awards Chair

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Orders and pics up awards to be distributed at event

Pinewood Derby Food Coordinator

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Purchase and serve food during event

Pinewood Derby Check-in

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Handles the registration of card and competitors

Pinewood Derby Set-up

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Set up and pre-test track

Pinewood Derby Timers

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Operates the timing system and computer program during event

Pinewood Derby Car Wranglers

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Manages the transportation and staging of the cars at the beginning of each race

Pinewood Derby Pit Mechanic/Tech Inspection

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Operates a pit area where there are tools and supplies available for last minute repairs to registered cars

Pinewood Derby Design Judges

  • January Pack Meeting
  • Reviews all registered cars and assigns winners for the various design awards

Blue and Gold Banquet Committee

  • February Pack Meeting

Blue and Gold Banquet Games

  • February Pack Meeting
  • Design and prepare games for the event

Court of Honor Ceremony Coordinators

  • March Pack Meeting
  • Assist cubmaster in arranging event including:
    • the Fire Ceremony
    • Arrow Ceremony
    • Bridge construction

Court of Honor Committee Members

  • March Pack Meeting
  • Help with ceremony coordinators

Cubanapolis Coordinator

  • April Pack Meeting
  • Plan event including music, car construction, prizes, and track set-up

Cubanapolis Race Officials

  • March Pack Meeting

Lake Fairfax Campout Food Coordinator

  • June Pack Meeting
  • Arrange and shop for dinner, evening campfire snack, and breakfast

Lake Fairfax Grill Cooks

  • June event
  • Run grill during event

Lake Fairfax Campout Breakfast Coordinator

  • June event
  • Preparation and set up for breakfast

Raingutter Regatta - Pack Pool Party

  • July event
  • Oversee event, food, set up and take down

Summer Day Camp Coordinator

  • Accept applications and registration fees
  • Consolidate paperwork
  • Coordinate schedule on site
  • Actual camp dates are in June

Goshen Camp Coordinator

  • Accept applications and registration fees
  • Consolidate paperwork
  • Coordinate schedule on site
  • Actual camp dates are in July