August 1 - November 3, 2020

The Trails-End Popcorn Fundraiser is the only fundraising activity that Pack 1169 does. A large percentage of the sales will go directly to our Pack, which will support all the fun activities we will be doing this year: like campouts & picnics, the Pinewood Derby races, and the Raingutter Regatta!

** All Popcorn Order Forms must be turned in by Tuesday, October 31st to your Den Leader or the Popcorn Kernel**

The Popcorn Kernel:

1. Why do we sell popcorn?

This is our Pack’s only fundraiser. The money we raise through selling popcorn allows us to keep dues low and offer lots of great activities for our boys and lets us focus on the fun of scouting for the rest of the year!

Additionally, over 70% of sales go back to support local scouting

2. What are the 3 ways to sell popcorn?

Take Order (Door-to-Door): Scout wears his Class A uniform, visits neighbors, family, and friends to ask for their support of scouting and to purchase popcorn. Scout fills out the order form and collects payment at the same time. Each scout is asked to sell at least $75 individually.

Giant (Show-and-Sell): Each scout is asked to support at least 1 timeslot at an upcoming popcorn sale.

Online Sales: Popcorn can now be sold online which is great for family and friends that aren’t in the local area. All sales are processed and shipped through the site. (online sales do not count for prize credit)

3. How Does Online Selling Work?

This is the best way for your Scouts to sell to friends and family who live out of town. Scouts can send emails to friends and family asking them to support them with purchases of Trail's End products online. Their customers click on the link in their email and can begin shopping right away. Customers order products online and pay with a credit card. Trail's End ships the products directly to their customers.

Each Scout needs to self-register to sell online. Here are a few steps on how your Scout can get started:

1. Go to www.trails-end.com and click on “Register” in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Fill in required information

3. Send information out to your friends and family members.

4. How should my Scout conduct Take Order (Door-to-Door) sales?

o Scout: “Hi Sir/Ma’am, my name is <name> and I’m a Cub Scout with Pack 1169 at Armstrong Elementary in Reston. We’re raising money to support our scouting adventures by selling popcorn. You can help us by buying some of our delicious popcorn. Are you interested in taking a look at the order form?”

o Scouts should collect payment at the time the form is filled out (Cash or Check payable to Pack 1169)

o All scouts are to be courteous at all times. Everyone spoken to is shown appreciation for taking the time to listen. Always say, “Thank you,” whether the person buys something or not.

o Safety Rules: Nothing is more important than a boy’s personal safety. Here are some important rules when selling popcorn: 1) Always sell with another Scout or an adult, never by yourself. 2) Never sell after dark, unless you are with an adult. 3) Never enter anyone’s home, even if invited. 4) Don’t carry large amounts of cash on you. 5) Always walk on the sidewalk or driveway.

o Donations: Please note that we may not directly ask customers for donations, however, if a customer would rather make a donation to the pack instead of buying popcorn, please collect it and include it when you turn in your popcorn form. Donations do not count toward prize levels but are still very much appreciated.

5. What about the PRIZES?

Your Scout’s prize level will be determined by the total value of popcorn sold (Door-to-Door Orders, Online Sales, and Giant Sales Prize Credit Hours). Prize selections will be due on December 1st. Prize levels and associated prize choices can be found in the Popcorn Order form. There are also additional prizes available on top of what is in the form:

Pack 1169 Incentives:

o Pack 1169 has a number of incentives, which will be discussed at the pack meetings.

NCAC Council Incentives:

In addition to Prizes found in the Popcorn Sales Form, the following bonus prizes are also available (these are cumulative; your scout will get all the NCAC Council prizes at and below your NCAC prize levels below). See this link for details - https://www.ncacbsa.org/activitiesevents/popcorn/